Hi.  I’m Chris Johnson.

This is my poker site. Welcome, yo.

I’m a recreational player with about 355 hours (total) experience playing poker. I’ve been profitable for a couple of reasons:

  • Good variance
  • Bad players.
  • Good players who played me early on and think I’m still terrible.

I have some goals for 2020, and my next 3,000 hours playing poker.  This site is as good of a way to track progress as any. Along the way, I’ll try and build a community, and create some good results.

I’m building this site so I have the tools I want to play like I want to play.

Objective #1: This site will help me build a complete game.

Right now I am a somewhat above average casino player.  There are spots I’m pretty good at navigating, and spots where I can just set money on fire (like overbetting the second nuts/bottom straight).

Objective #2: To work in public, meet people and get better.

I want to do this in public.  Poker is a hobby of mine, but I believe I can become a tough recreational player and do some damage at the WSOP in 2020.  I don’t have delusions of being the next great player, but I want to do this thing as well as I can.

I love working in public because people give me feedback about my game…so I can get better.

Objective #3: To Share What Works With Oher Players

. I’ve found some great resources already and they’ve worked pretty well.  I’ve also found an endless supply of seriously crappy books on Amazon that don’t work at all. I think that when something works, we should talk about it.

I want to be able to review that stuff and help people find their way to what works great.   

(So far that list is pretty short. Here are my recommendations:

Purposeful Practice for Poker:  A great book about studying poker.  A lot of what I do in business is laid out in Poker, with premortems/postmortems and a very sensible and sane methodology.

Red Chip Poker, CORE: A $5/week site about the beginning math and concepts for both Cash and regular player.)

Christopher Patrick Johnson

Christopher Patrick Johnson is a ghostwriter, startup founder, entrepreneur, and a dad in the pacific northwest. He is more than a little obsessed with processes. He lives with his family of 4 in Richland, WA.