Study Plan August, 2021.

August 1, 2021

Study Plan, August 2021. Study hours: 30 total. Hands goal:  4000 quality hands.  (Should be 3 tabling) Study Objectives Theme: Out of Position Play:  This week we are going to learn how to play OOP. Learn open and call 3bet ranges from 15-40BB in EP/Out of position. Read Modern Poker Theory Complete PokerCoaching.Com tournament class. Rules:…

Hello world!

July 15, 2021

Welcome to Chris Johnson. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

The First Taste of Tilt: Feb 2020 Recap

March 1, 2020

Welcome to the February 2020 Recap post. I got to play a fair bit in Feb and I worked hard to keep learning through everything I was doing. I spent about 35 hours playing poker, and here are the lessons that I learned this month. Lessons Learned #1 Mindset Matters Most I played at the…

Celebrate Every Player

January 15, 2020

At our bar league the other night, a lady was running good. She hit Aces twice in the first hour versus some inexplicably large pre-flop action on both hands.  She raised properly, they held. She won a big flip with AQ vs TT. And so she got to the bubble with a massive chip lead.…

2020 Poker Goals: Process Driven Poker

December 14, 2019

The Backstory I’m a recreational poker player.  I don’t have delusions of going pro anytime soon. I’m capable of playing great. And I’m capable of making major, obvious, stupid blunders.   Lighting money on fire.  On my worst days I’m as bad as anyone gets. I really love playing and I want to get better as…