Study Plan August, 2021.

This is the first study plan I’ve done in a while.  I am gearing up to play the WSOP, and I want to be better and more deliberate about my poker.  This is the first step towards that.

Study Plan, August 2021.

  • Study hours: 30 total.
  • Hands goal:  4000 quality hands.  (Should be 3 tabling)

Study Objectives

Theme: Out of Position Play:  This week we are going to learn how to play OOP.

  1. Learn open and call 3bet ranges from 15-40BB in EP/Out of position.
  2. Read Modern Poker Theory
  3. Complete PokerCoaching.Com tournament class.


  1. Don’t play any poker casually – spend 100% of poker time in high effort “sessions.”
  2. Study 10 hours before we play next.
  3. Schedule every session for play in advance.

When Will I Study?

  1. Sat morning: 90 minutes (6 hours total)
  2. Sun Morning: 60 Minutes (range trainer work). 4 hours total
  3. M-F 5:30-6:15: 45 minutes x 22 days = 16.5 hours.  (HH Review or Range Work)
  4. Modern Poker Theory: 30 minutes day – should finish in 12 hours or so for 40 hours.  Do in AM Reading.

When Will I Play?

  1. Tuesday and Thursday Nights, 7-9pm.  Mostly Microstakes MTTs ($16.50 and under).
  2. Sunday Morning 7-10am.
  3. Friday 8/6 2021 Portland Oregon. $200  MTT, Saturday 8/7: MTT
  4. Other as avail


Christopher Patrick Johnson

Christopher Patrick Johnson is a ghostwriter, startup founder, entrepreneur, and a dad in the pacific northwest. He is more than a little obsessed with processes. He lives with his family of 4 in Richland, WA.